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Tips Submitted by Our Friends

Here are some eBay related tips submitted by experienced sellers.

From CM
When making an eBay listing template, include a small photobucket hosted picture, the same colour as your background, so it's invisible. That way, if you need to add an announcement, like you're closed for a while, or to put your last posting dates for December etc, then all you need to do is change the photo in photobucket and it will appear in all your listings.

From TS
For stamp sellers - when selling stamps, always scan front and rear and use as a high resolution as possible without interferring with download time. Ensure ALL non-visible faults are noted and be as precise as possible, as stamp buyers can be very demanding!

From IS
Certain items such as beads, rocks and stones can be scanned on a scanner rather than taking a photograph of it. By carefully arranging small flat objects on the scanner, you can scan quite a few items in one go, and then crop the images later to make individual photos. You can even put coloured paper behind the item to give a nice backdrop - carbon paper gives a nice blue background.

From JB
You can get 250 free colour business cards from VistaPrint
You just pay the postage, which is very reasonable if you don't mind the wait. You can pay a bit more for faster delivery. The quality is good and you can choose from over 40 designs. An effective and low cost way to promote your website. Check carefully that you don't opt in to anything you don't want to.

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