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How do I get an item on Deal of the Day?

eBay recently introduced Daily Deals, featuring supposedly impulse buys at bargain prices. If you wish to be considered for a slot on Daily Deals, here are the criteria according to the eBay team responsible;

"In order to take part in the programme a seller must meet at least the criteria below: Ideally a PowerSeller with min 95% positive feedback. We will be happy to entertain offers from non PS Members provided the rest of the criteria is met.

Can demonstrate the ability to handle large increases in volume of transactions in a short period of time, e.g. 500 – 800 items from Daily Deals plus other items sold in store – 1000 + orders per day. This is to ensure that the sellers making the offers can handle the significant volumes the placement will generate.

DSRs greater than 4.4.

No serious violations on their account.

For the item to be considered it must meet the following criteria:

Known branded NEW mass market popular items, e.g. Sony, Nike, Black and Decker etc.

Lowest online price – cannot be found cheaper anywhere else online.

Greater than 500 items available (Items over £100 min 400 available)"

If you feel you can meet the above criteria, contact eBay Customer Support or your account manager if you have one.
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