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How do I cancel or delete a bid?

There are times when you might want to remove or a delete a bid you made on an item. Perhaps you bid too much by mistake or the seller is unresponsive. There are a limited number of reasons where eBay will allow you to undo your bid. The seller can see the reason you state and may object to it, and if you make a habit of retracting bids you may get a warning from eBay, but for genuine reasons it's perfectly allowable to take back a bid.

To retract a bid on an item you're bidding on, go to the Bid Retraction Form, enter the item number and choose an explanation as to why you want to cancel the bid.

You can choose from the following reasons-
  • You accidentally entered a wrong bid amount, for example you typed £60 instead of £6
  • The item description has changed significantly, for example it was listed as working, then changed to faulty
  • You cannot reach the seller. This means you have tried emailing or telephoning the seller and they are not responding

Timing also makes a difference. If you withdraw a bid more than 12 hours before the item is ending, all your bids are removed. If the auction has less than 12 hours to run, then you can only remove your latest bid, and only if you do so within an hour of placing the bid. If the auction has less than an hour to go, you will need to contact the seller to ask them to cancel your bid, but bear in mind they may not be around to do this for you before the auction finishes.

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